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Welcome to our home page !

Welcome to our home page ! I've put this together mostly for our own enjoyment and use, but anybody is welcome to browse (although I doubt anyone who doesn't know us would be interested).

Céline and myself are French citizens, on a volontary exile (and a enjoyable one) in the Big Island of Hawaii. We like it here, with all the nature activities, the greenery, the multi-ethnicity and tolerance of its inhabitants and the generally cool way of living. Although it can get pretty tiring at some time, our work is very exciting too; we got to do top notch science and travel to remote and fascinating places. We both work in the Adaptive Optics (AO) group at Gemini, a multi-disciplinary and advanced technique, if any. Céline deals with lasers and assist in the management of the group, I deal with the general program, application to astronomy, help with the instrument design and, in my spare time, do some research in the theory of AO.

My main occupation outside of work is to care for my beloved (she thinks I could do better) and make sure she is happy (she says she's allright). Other common activities include scuba diving or hiking. We try to do it as much as we can, but although we are next to the ocean and the jungle, we are always strugling to find free time. We read some, books and news, fustigate the government and the rise of facism in the US, or just enjoy our friends, our house and its paradise-looking surroundings. I also have two wonderful daughters, Natacha & Camille.

On top of that, my personal hobbies include computers and motorcycling. I have to admit I spend quite a bit of time off-work on my computer -a powerbook G4 (soon to be a MacBook Pro). Not for games, but simply to browse the web, learn stuff like new programming languages (php, python, C, Yorick, Ruby) or put together web sites like this one. Needless to say that Céline doesn't care for that too much. On the roaring side, I am the happy owner of a nice yellow VTR1000F, a big and powerful Honda V twin motorcycle. It's not always easy to find the perfect weather in Hilo, the wettest city in the US -it rains over 4m each year here- so I end up riding quite a bit in the rain.

Some of you, if you know us, may ask yourself: "Why did they called the site maumae.net?". Maumae is the beach where we got married in July 2002. That's a cute little beach on the grounds of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. There is hardly nobody there, because it is not know and quite secluded, and because the hotel only delivers a handful of beach access permits at a given time.

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