Yorick Plugins and Packages

A package is a set of interpreted yorick include files. A plugin includes compiled C (or C++, or fortran) objects, to extend the capabillities of yorick (e.g. wrap libraries).

As of yorick-1.6, Yorick has the capabilities to load packages that include dynamic libraries (plugins). This has several big advantages:

Linux and MacOsX:


Below you will find informations about contributed packages. More packages can be found by browsing the contrib and package/src directories.

These packages are written in yorick, i.e. contrarily to plugins, there is nothing to compile and they are ready to use 'as is'. The information below gives a short synopsis about the package and list the package dependencies, if any.




Unless stated otherwise, the following plugins are for use with yorick version 1.6.02 or greater. All of the packages below are for installation from source. For binary installation on linux and macosx, or use pkg_mngr.

yeti (+ yeti_regex, yeti_tiff, yeti_fftw, yeti_gsl)

Eric Thiébaut's yeti plugins.


David's plugin that includes IO to jpeg and png files, access to the compression library zlib and output to mpeg1.


openGL yorick plugin


SOY: Sparse Operations with Yorick

yao: Adaptive Optics simulation plugin